About the Owner

Joe Selikov is an experienced Systems Engineer with backgrounds in Project and Program management of complex software/hardware projects and database development.

Joe started his career as an environmental Technician working on Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) equipment for the Hazeltine Corporation located in Greenlawn, New York. After returning to school, he moved to California and began his career with Rockwell, designing calculators. Joe switched his work focus to Marine Systems and became an expert in designing and building Underwater Acoustic Beam Formers used for Anti-submarine Warfare.

Those were exiting times and microprocessors were just coming into their own. Joe left Rockwell to become a consultant working with clients to develop prototype models of products. All the while continuing to learn about programming and software.

After returning to Rockwell, now Boeing, he continued his education related to underwater systems but more importantly, Information Technology. Joe lead several major development efforts which entailed the coordination of multifaceted teams of engineers. Projects were about 80% software and 20% hardware.

Joe is a hands on type of manager continuing to exercise his expertise in database development as a volunteer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Professional Service Reserve. He has developed two major projects which he also maintains.

Joe has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.